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Jenna Swearingen Hatfield

We were awed by the selection and the wonderful employees. My sons, 6- and 8-years-old, didn’t originally want to go “food shopping.” As we left, they declared it their new favorite store. Thrilled to have a new option to shop local in Cambridge. Stopped there yesterday for lunch. Really good service and the food was delicious….This is a wonderful addition to a restaurant for downtown Cambridge. Good luck in your future here and the restaurant and gift area is very decorative to the downtown. Such a great store! My wife and I shop here every week. The selection of local items is outstanding. The staff is all very helpful and polite and the prices are very fair compared to other big stores in town. The fresh subs are the best we’ve ever had and I also love that they sell Jones’ brand soda. #newfavoriteplace My son stopped in and got a salad for my lunch and it is so delicious. Not only did I eat it for lunch, but it’s so big that I shared some and still have some for dinner. Only thing that would’ve made it more perfect would be a Greek salad on the menu. This market is loaded with quality products and the decor/layout is very professional and pleasant. It is great the way they took advantage of the old in creating the new. We will be going back. Waaaay back when the kids were little we would travel to Roscoe Village and stop in at Medberry Market to get adventure staples like cheese, beef summer sausage, pickled corn, bulk candy and other goodies while seeing the sights…Orrrrr…we would take the kids to Unusual Junction across from Ravens Glenn Winery and get photos to go with the goodies while peeking in to Universe Studio to view the selection of formal wear. Now we can just head downtown in Cambridge to get our favorite deli meats, cheeses, mixes and wines. It’s wonderful to have the quality and family heritage right at our doorstep. Come in and shop with your family and start a memoriable tradition. I am in foodie heaven! So many craft beers, wines, cheeses, sauces, spreads, and on and on…… I visited Mckenna’s Market in downtown Cambridge today and what a wonderful addition to our community! Delicious made to order sub sandwiches, gourmet cheeses, deli, baked ham for $2.99/lb., Pearl Valley Lacey Swiss Cheese for less than $4.50/lb., gourmet dips & speads, Ice cream, fudge & candies…and so much more! Please be sure to stop by Mckenna’s Market and welcome them to downtown Cambridge (located accross the street from Country Bits on Wheeling Avenue). This is one place you will always want to frequent and become a regular customer.

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